Stand Out From The Crowd

When promoting a brand and showcasing new products it is important to ensure the right promotional merchandise is selected to allow a brand to stand out from the herd. Recipients of promotional products can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information they are receiving from multiple brands so it is important to relay messages that will stay with the recipient long after the point of exchange, making a brand memorable long-term. In order to do this we advise clients to select promotional merchandise that is impactful yet practical so that it can be used every day; branded umbrellas, branded water bottles, branded car air fresheners, branded reusable coffee cups etc. It’s not necessarily the product no-one has seen before that stands out the most, sometimes it is the most practical product or the best branding that shines, depending on the recipients. An alternative approach is to go for ‘nostalgic’ promotional merchandise like 80s style headphones, branded Rubik’s Cubes, retro sweets etc to trigger product related memories the recipient will then associate with a particular brand. Whatever your marketing objective, Brand Impression can help you to stand out for the right reasons! Call us on 0333 987 4003 to discuss further or browse our wide range of promotional products (Please note though, they’re not all on the site – we have access to over 100,000 in total).

Let’s Be Creative

What makes a ‘creative’ promotional item exactly? Brand Impression believe that it is an original product that looks cool at the same time as being useful and, very importantly, portable. Why not order a higher quantity and have a product or a range of products designed ‘from scratch’ to provide complete control over the ‘originality’ element. Saying this, coming up with your own product from scratch is not easy or plausible for many brands, a great way to display creativity on a smaller budget is to select a really popular and useful product(s) that people may have seen before and be creative with the branding. For example, re-usable coffee cups with full colour wrap artwork as opposed to just a logo printed to 1 side or a 100% bespoke notebook with full colour inserts and eye-catching design features. Brand Impression’s overall objective is to help our clients to select or develop promotional merchandise that draws attention to their organisation or initiative in a positive way that people will notice and, most importantly, remember. Call us on 0333 987 4003 to discuss further or browse our wide range of promotional products (Please note though, they’re not all on the site – we have access to over 100,000 in total).

We’ll Help You Be Remembered

Promotional products are an essential part of any integrated marketing strategy. Some are remembered for the right reasons and kept and others are received and forgotten almost instantly. How do you know how to select a product that will be noticed and kept? While promotional products are an excellent way to market, selecting promotional products that are put away in a drawer to be lost with a client’s other ‘useless’ items will not make much of an impact for a brand. If a promotional product is to be effective, then a little more time and thought is needed to ensure that the items are remembered.

There are 5 key considerations;

  1. Does the item look good?
  2. Is the Item useful?
  3. Is the item portable?
  4. Is the branding clear and impactful?
  5. Is the item relevant to the brand or initiative it is promoting?

Here are some effective promotional products that Brand Impression can produce that are more memorable and therefore more impactful than the standard mint cards and promotional pens that are often given by businesses lost for ideas. Bespoke Desk Calendars & Advent Calendars, Bespoke Diaries, Re-usable Coffee Mugs, Branded beach towels (can be compressed to any shape), branded collapsible cups, hot & cold bottles, quality sports bottles and gym bottles, high quality promotional clothing, branded phone cases and earphones, portable speakers and innovative desktop items. Our ideas lists cost nothing and samples are only charged if an order does not progress in any capacity, so please get in touch with the sales team for a ‘no obligations’ ideas list of products that meet your requirements. Call us on 0333 987 4003 or email on

Let’s Leave a Lasting Impression

We support all our clients requirements when considering the impression their promotional merchandise makes, not just on the individuals who receive it, but on the planet too. Sometimes plastic or silicon is the most cost-effective and appropriate choice for a particular promotional requirement and, where the product is high quality and re-usable, we don’t see a problem with this. We have access to 100s suppliers internationally but the ones we use regularly all take eco product development very seriously and, if designing products using plastic, go to great lengths to ensure that the product has a long shelf life (by ensuring a water bottle is BPA free and 100% dishwasher proof for example). More and more now there are eco-friendly versions of the plastic promotional items clients purchase; 100% biodegradable paper cups, bamboo re-usable coffee cups, aluminium sports bottles, recycled stationery products and fair trade cotton tote bags to name a few. If you’re interested in new eco merchandise or want to replace your existing range with more eco-friendly alternatives please call us to discuss on 0333 987 4003 or Browse our Eco-Friendly section of products.