Have a question?
Check out our FAQ’s, it could be the answer to your question is here. If it isn’t then please get in touch – we are here to help.

Q  I don’t know what product/products to go for, can you still help?
A  Yes, we will take a brief from you over the phone and send you an ideas list containing images and product specifications.

Q  How long will my quote be valid for?
A  Our quotes are valid for 3 working weeks, unless otherwise agreed. We may need to re-visit prices with our suppliers beyond this point as their unit prices fluctuate.

Q  Are the prices quoted on the site set in stone?
A  The prices on the website are a guide price. The ‘from’ price is the cost of 1 plain stock item and the price grids contain guide prices at different price breaks. Please note that the number of colours you wish to print in and the scope of your branding requirements will affect these guide prices.

Q  What does Number of Print Colours mean?
A  This is the number of colours within your logo or artwork to be printed. Please note that if your logo or artwork has shading in it this is classed as Full Colour.

Q  What is a Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ?
A  This is the minimum order amount the supplier is prepared to accept for printed orders. Don’t let this put you off though – we may be able to negotiate or find a very similar product with a lower MOQ if you ask us.

Q  Am I entitled to a discount as a registered charity?
A  We do offer discounts on certain products within our range, this is at the discretion of the MD. Please ask us when you make your enquiry – we do our best to help.

Q  What is an EPS Vector File?
A  We ask for logos/artwork to be submitted in this format– It is an editable vector file and enables us to have full editing capability to do things like re-size etc.

Q  I want to create a bespoke product, is this possible?
A  Yes, you will need to speak to us over the phone providing us with as much information as possible. In return, you will receive a presentation containing our suggested design/s. Please note that all bespoke products come with high MOQs (usually 3000 and above).